Preparing for an IRS Audit? Watch this video and give me a call.

As I get ready to represent a taxpayer in an audit I will often send them a link to an interactive video that is very helpful in explaining the examination process. This video is published by the IRS and explains what to expect in an IRS audit, the steps that are typically followed, and gives you insight into the process if you agree or disagree with the IRS’s findings. The video discusses your right to have representation during an audit. While I think that the video does have some shortcomings, it does a pretty good job of providing an overview of the entire IRS audit process.

Here is the link:

If  you have received notice that your tax return or returns have been selected for audit by the IRS, I recommend that you watch the video and seek representation. As a an attorney and CPA, representing taxpayers before the IRS is a regular part of my practice. I represent taxpayers at the administrative level and in the tax court when taxpayer’s cannot not come to an agreement with the IRS. Click here to contact me to discuss your situation.

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