Form 706, Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return (Taxable Estates)

The Form 706 is a snapshot of a decedent’s financial situation on the date of death or at a special valuation date 6 months after the date of death . The Form 706 return is due nine months after the date of death (or 15 months if extended).  The purpose of the Form 706 is to provide a complete detailed listing of the decedent’s assets and liabilities, as well as current and future estate expenses. The Form 706 is not required for all estates, just those estates which value exceeds a threshold set by congress must file. This threshold has changed frequently over the years. For persons dying in 2010 there is no estate tax. However, in 2011 the estate tax threshold is an estate valued over $1,000,000.  If you potentially have a taxable estate the time to plan for mitigating those taxes is now. Contact Paul to discuss strategies and alternatives by clicking here.

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