Form 5227 Split-Interest Trust Information Return

All charitable remainder trusts described in Internal Revenue Code Section 664 must file Form 5227. All pooled income funds described in IRC Section 642(c)(5) and all other trusts such as charitable lead trusts that meet the definition of a split-interest trust under section 4947(a)(2) must also file Form 5227.  A Form 5227 is to report the financial activities of a split-interest trust, provide certain information regarding charitable deductions and distributions of or from a split-interest trust, and to determine if the trust is treated as a private foundation and subject to certain excise taxes. For the first return filed a copy of the trust must be filed with the return. If you have questions about Form 5227, need us to prepare it, or have questions about charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, or other types of split interest trust click here to contact Paul.

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