Estate Planning with a Utah Tax Attorney

There are no shortage of people who think about the need to have a will in preparation for their inevitable departure from this life. Many of those people also wonder if they need a trust as well.  In general, people just want to know the best way to handle their affairs while they are alive so their loved ones don’t have to worry about it (too much) when they pass away.  Preparing for that time is called estate planning. As you can imagine, there are a lot of issues to consider in putting together your estate plan. One of the most confusing aspects of estate planning are the tax effects of your estate planning decisions. There are actually several types of taxes that must be considered in a properly executed estate plan, such as income tax, estate tax, gift taxes, and generation skipping transfer taxes. For that reason it is important to choose a attorney who understands the tax implications of your estate planning decisions. As an attorney specializing in tax issues, Paul Jones understands how these taxes will affect your estate planning decisions. Understanding these tax issues will help you make better decisions. If you would like to review your own estate plan or get one started click here to contact Paul.

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